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jersey cows, goats, and ice cream

at the beginning of may, i joined a few ladies who were taking a trip to a dairy farm. young’s dairy farm, to be exact.

the first thing we saw smelled when we walked in were these goats.
pmc 1

to the left of the goats are these cows.  jersey cows, hence the post title.  now, i know that i am a true city suburb girl at heart.  but i’d like to think that i have some country in me.  after this visit, i KNOW that i am a suburb girl and ONLY a suburb girl.  haha.

i didn’t know what kind of animal this was and had to ask one of the ladies that i was with. first, i wasn’t really paying attention and second, see above. but i’m glad that i could be of some entertainment/amusement for her.

on the other hand, isn’t this cow gorgeous!?

haha…this goat was chillin’ like a villan while eating some hay. look at those blue eyes!

here are the lovely ladies that i went with.

a mama goat and a baby goat.

then the “feeding of the animals” commenced. these little girls were so excited to feed the goats. just look at the enthusiasm on their faces!

and this little fella, baby j, was hanging out looking all cute.

while i was falling in love with that baby, the goat baby decided to get drink some milk. it was pretty crazy. and so violent. but that’s how it works, i guess.

baby j and his momma fed one of the cows. which is where i realized, FOR SURE, that i am a suburb girl at heart. while taking these pictures the cow in the next stall started licking me and GROSSED.ME.OUT!

the girls wanted to feed the cows too!

when we walked out of the petting area, there was a seating area with this fun kodak moment cardboard cutout. the girls wanted to take a picture so their momma got in too.

and then they wanted to take a picture on this cow. when baby j saw them, he wanted in on the action too.

after playing outside for a while, we walked inside and got some ice cream. love the girls’ faces! and baby j passed out holding his own bottle.

we ended the outing with the best calzone i’ve ever had. i think the place is called benitos, but i’m not sure. mmm…sooooo good!

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