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Linking up with Life Rearranged to give you a glimpse of my week, in cell phone photos.

two weeks this time. but who’s complaining?

i tried my hand at homemade almond milk. (you’ll see it on the blog soon.)

while shopping at target I saw this cute wrapping paper that reminded me of miley and howie from kevin and amanda.

it was supposed to rain early in the week a few weeks ago and since a guest was coming over i paul thought it would be better if the lawn was mowed beforehand rather than trying to squeeze it in.

my sil-s (house guest) and I went to the melting pot…her first time!

on the way to washington, d.c. we stopped in pittsburg, pa.  on our way in we saw the steeler’s heinz field and pirates pnc park, and the heinz factory.  for our first stop we went to jean marc bakery, then we walked next door to the pharmacy, and then headed to primanti bros restaurant for lunch.  there was a deluge just after we left the bakery which is why the picture of the primanti bros sign looks wonky.

we met up with my bro-m in d.c. and he had some gifts for me from my other bro-d and sil-j.  they went to italy a few weeks ago and picked up the nespresso limited edition grand crus, napoli and trieste, for my espresso addiction.  i am falling hard for the trieste.  the napoli is growing on me too.  it sticks up the hairs on the back of my neck.  haha.

while in d.c. we walked past this store several SEVERAL times.  my sil-s suggested we go in and try some. sooooo good! if you’re in the d.c. area you MUST stop in for some gelato. and some coffee. yum!!  i had strawberry tarragon sorbetto and madagascar vanilla gelato.

we walked to the lincoln and washington monuments and the vietnam veterans’ memorial.

the day after we got home, my sil-s and i cooked all day long to celebrate paul’s birthday.  here she is making my mil’s famous chocolate cake.

my cousin-j bought me this super cute “summer” air freshener holder.  who wants to go snorkeling?

happy birthday, my love!  haha..lover!!  haha!

i had a cavity.  and got it filled in the fastest time EVER!  it was about 10 minutes only.  i barely had time to take this picture to show you guys the beautiful view from my chair.  best dentist ever!

reason no. 4,568 of why i love my husband so much: when he mows the lawn he also edges which makes our lawn look 100 times better than i ever could.  L.O.V.E. him to pieces!

and there you have it. the last two weeks. i hope you’ve been entertained. i sure had a great time spending time with my sil-s, celebrating memorial day in our nation’s capital, and celebrating paul’s birthday. what did you do this week?

edited with instagram and photogrid

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