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switch switch

the fan in our master bathroom turns on and off with an ‘on/off’ switch like this…it’s the one on the right.

the problem with this is that we have to manually shut it off. so if we have to leave as soon as we’ve taken a shower, we have to leave the fan on.

enter this timer switch. we weren’t actively looking for one but i’d mentioned it to my bro-d and he told me about it.

i had actually bought this sometime in august 2012 i just hadn’t really gotten up the nerve to tackle it.

i mean look at it. it’s intimidating!

then finally i decided it was time to get it done.

so i turned off the power, which is always a good thing, and removed the cover to see this.

i looked at the instructions…

and then I looked at this. and neither image matched.

so i unscrewed the switches and pulled them out only to find one huge mess.

I sent the next two images to bro-d and said, “what the heck?!?” and in bro-d’s fashion he called to help me.


after explaining what the instructions said and what my wires looked like, we came up with a solution.

i didn’t want to leave it up to chance so i called a family friend, who is an electrician but lives in cali, for some advice. unfortunately, i got his voicemail so i left a message.

and until he called me back I was stuck here.

which is where i leave you…until i have more time to tell you about what learned and how i made the switch of the switch.

edited with instagram


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