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Linking up with Life Rearranged to give you a glimpse of my week, in cell phone photos.

i don’t know how i missed this one last week but i did.  and it is too beautiful not to share.  it’s from dc.  after in finished eating i laid on my back, put my camera in position, and hit the button.  this was exactly what i wanted to photograph but thought that i didn’t get it until i looked at all my photos at the end of the day.  and i caught a bird in flight (on the left).  sweet!

now onto this week’s photos!

i hung out with this little dude on friday.  his mama was just having a kick out of the little hat on his head.  such a cutie!

LLD had a sale a few weeks ago and i got some gold pieces.  my first ones!

this weekend was the strawberry festival in troy.  such fun!

strawberry doughnuts!  so good!

i spy with my little eye…

got some mowing done. and pulled out this stump for a new project.

prep work for a new dish!

yay for insta-sales!  got a heather grey cowl scarf from the pleated poppy.

that was my week in a pinch. how about yours? what did you do?

edited with instagram and photogrid


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One thought on “instafriday

  1. I’m so into gold lately. Love what you picked out.

    Stopping by with insta-Friday!

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