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switch switch, take 2

so here’s where i left off…which you can read about here.

….the switch on the right

needed to be changed to the new fan switch.

but the wires were all weird and did not match any of the diagrams on the instructions.

so i called a family friend who is an electrician but he didn’t answer so i left a message. he called back about a week later and helped me out.  he answered about a hundred questions until i was “sure” that i understood what i was doing.

i even took notes.

then i got started again.  i took the panel off, removed the wires from the switch, and pulled them out.

then i rewired all the wires to hook up the time switch.  i followed all the instructions from my family friend-d. keeping in mind that “when in doubt, always put a cap on it” (there was a wire – yellow and red – that was only to be used for a 3-way switch which i didn’t have).

i pushed all the wires back in the box and screwed the switches back into place.

lo and behold….it worked!  do you see that green light at the bottom?!?  yup!  that’s the timer switch…working.

i even kept my notes so that i could change out the switch in our hallway bathroom. which is what happened here.

have you ever switched out your switches? did your wires look like the ones on the instructions? how did you go about changing them? would you do it again? if not, and you’re here to use this as some kind of instructions, please let me know how it worked out. i’d like to know. =)

EXCITEMENT HERE GUYS! this is my 200th post! ahhh!! i never thought that i would reach 200! but i’m here and i’m not going anywhere! thanks for reading!

edited with instagram


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