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linking up with Life Rearranged to give you a glimpse of my week, in cell phone photos.

last friday i mowed the lawn, again, and when i finished i came back inside and checked pinterest. because, of course, that’s what you do after you finish mowing your lawn..haha! anyways, I saw these really cute mowing cupcakes and thought, “now this is the kind of mowing I want from now on!” so cute!

on saturday, paul and i did some yard work and replanted some plantings that grew from seedlings. then we placed them at the edge of the patio for extra sun and water (when it rains).

while working outside we saw this baby praying mantis. it was so cute. it just waked around the top of the container a few times then I let it walk onto my hands and when i placed it on the ground it jumped/walked away really fast.

sunday was full of baking, baking, baking!

then i packaged them up ready to be shipped.

received some gifts from afar.

made a new pinterest dish full of salad. mmm…

fruits a la stadelbacher!

“love mail” from my niece!

edited with instagram, photogrid, and pixlr-express

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