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lunch in the pitts….BURGH!

my sil-s and i set out for washington, d.c. the thursday before memorial day.

(photo by sil-s)

it was a pretty event-less drive until we came upon pittsburgh.

this was the first thing we saw driving into the pitts. at first i thought it was the pirates’ stadium but quickly realized that it was the steelers’ stadium. because…..
(photo by sil-s)

….we pretty much saw this on the other side of the freeway and i knew that THAT was the pirates’ stadium.
(photo by sil-s)

then we saw this old heinz factory. which looked awesome against the clouds.
(photo by sil-s)

after taking a short break to figure out where we wanted to eat lunch, we stopped at jean-marc chatellier french bakery. oh.em.gee, guys. this. bakery. sooooooo. good!

we ended up only getting some macaroons but they also had a shortbread cookie cake, a cinnamon and cheese brioche, a penguin marzipan, and the best tasting crossiant ever.

i deleted some pics so i have to show you them in this collage. this was for a friend who is HUGE steelers fan. the bottom left shot is from a pharmacy that suits across the street from the bakery. they had lots of sports stuff. the shot in the top left is where we ate lunch at. it was pouring rain so we sat on the car for about 10 mins before it let up enough for us to get out and walk to the restaurant. i loved the way the rain made the sign look. the middle shot is heinz field, the steelers stadium. the top right shot is a sign i saw inside the restaurant. and the bottom right is a close up if the macaroon shot above.

my sil-s looked up places to eat and found this restaurant, primanti bros. mmmm…so good!
(photo by sil-s)

this is what we got…a pastrami sandwich. and they automatically put fries, coleslaw, and tomatoes on top. at first i thought it just meant on the side but when it came out it looked like this. fortunately, for me, i liked it like this. it.was.amazing! i did eat the coleslaw and tomato separately but it was still…so delicious!
(photo by sil-s)

then we left and kept on heading east.

this is our ticket from the turnpike we drive on. it is a really funny story but long so I will try my best to “kiss” (keep it simple, s_ _ _ _d).

(photo by sil-s)

driving up to the entrance we were both confused by the signs which read “ez pass” and/or “ticket”. (this was the first time i’d ever encountered something like this so i was confused altogether. my navigator was confused by the wording and also bc she didn’t realize that it was a turnpike. she, as well as i, thought it was a toll booth.)

so we pulled up to the booth and pressed the “talk to someone” button. she told us a few times to take the ticket but it wasn’t registering until finally she said we are to pay when we exit.

it was quite an adventure…and not the only one.

we ended up taking about 12 hours to get to d.c. which should’ve only been 8.

we picked up dinner at a kebob place in virginia.

on our way to the restaurant we passed the patomac river and saw the jefferson monument, at least the top of it.

then we brought it back to bro-m’s hotel, the westin in georgetown. then just hung out and ate dinner. at 10:00. p.m.

and went to sleep.

edited with instagram


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9 thoughts on “lunch in the pitts….BURGH!

  1. sheri on said:

    You forgot the crazy pouring rain while I was driving into DC! Ha ha…oh, the memories! Good times, good times! :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed your trip through PIttsburgh! We love our city!

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