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pinspiration – numero veinte y seis

i saw these and immediately thought they would be awesome for lunch for paul. i realize that they are for kids’ lunches but they can also be adult lunches too.
source: via tricia on pinterest

the dough i used was the homemade one in the post. usually i bloom the yeast in another bowl but this time i did it directly in the mixer bowl. (sooo much easier!) the yeast has to bloom for 10 minutes. cah-ray-z! it smelled very yeast-y. usually I let the yeast bloom for about three minutes, which is probably why my dough tastes weird.

i love watching the dough hook spin and spin and spin.
1. after only one cup of flour
2. mixing two more cups of flour
3. mixing one more cup
4. watching the dough form into a ball and pull away from the sides of the bowl

plopped the dough into a bowl to let it rise and chopped the (turkey) pepperoni up into pieces.

i only have this tapered wood roller which i did not want to get all flour-y so i wrapped it in plastic food wrap.  worked out great!

following the next steps i rolled out the dough (not quite in the shape it calls for), covered it in {homemade} pizza sauce, chopped pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese.  then i rolled it and cut it up and placed them into a pan for more rising and then baking.

and here they are all baked up and ready for eating.  this is a definite keeper recipe.  i just have to get better at rolling out the dough evenly and more rectangular so that the “rolls” are more even.

it also is a recipe keeper because it makes extra dough for pizza night!

edited with instagram and photogrid


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