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Linking up with Life Rearranged to give you a glimpse of my week, in cell phone photos.

i bought a gnome at target – it was on sale! – and put him next to my hydrangea. #gnomesforlife

last saturday there was a “going away” party for some of paul’s co-workers. as we were on our way i was messing around with paul saying things like, “does this guy live on a farm?” and “man, this guy lives in the boonies!” and “i’m gonna call him farmer john…oh his name is gary…he’s farmer gary”, but not really thinking that he lived on a farm.

then we showed up and it turns out he lives on a “semi” farm. he’s got lots of chickens, three roosters, and two horses.

paul made dinner for us on sunday. we had a yogurt chicken, mashed beans, and avocado burrito. yum!

plus i LOVE seeing him in the kitchen!

we had our first harvest of sugar snap peas this week. soooo delicious! i can’t wait til we grow some more!

i mowed the lawn on monday in 85Ā°F weather since it was supposed to rain this whole week. however, it didn’t start raining until wednesday early morning around 1:30 am. it was crazy storming and raining, even though you can’t tell in this photo.

mmmm….coffee in my coffee cup! (love the way this photo turned out!)

i’m so thankful that we’ve been getting so much rain this week. it’s cooled down the weather a tiny bit, it waters my plants, and i like to hear it rain and thunder.

what did your week look like? did you get lots of rain and thunder too?

edited with instagram, photogrid and pixlr express

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