my life in pictures and words


i would like you to meet my great aunt.  her name was may chung. she passsed in 2010. at her funeral i learned that she was very skilled in many things. she was a seamstress, a deep sea fisher, a “very green thumb” gardener, a fighter (of lukemia) to name a few.  while this is not the best picture of her it is one of my favorites since she is smiling. we’d had a nice visit and i’m glad that i have this picture to remember her.

my favorite was that she was an awesome baker.  she would always bring the best tasting lemon meringue, pumpkin, and pecan pies.  i would always eat the lemon part and “share” the rest with my dad. she also made pumpkin cheesecakes.  one of her specialties was her famous cream cheese brownies.  she would make double recipes for my bro-d and my mom would freeze them for him.  eventually i caught on and fell in love with them too.

one day she let me in on her secret and taught me how to make these famous cream cheese brownies. but! i couldn’t tell anyone the recipe. and when i made them for my in-laws, who were not my in-laws at the time, and they asked me for the recipe i didn’t give it to them. i promised her i wouldn’t and i didn’t.

that is until she passed. in 2010. the first time i ever gave her recipe out was to my cousin-j and sil-s in july 2011. i felt so bad! but i knew she would have been okay with me giving it to them.

a few months ago i decided that i wanted to eat some of these delicious brownies so i whipped up a batch. i took some pictures so that i could share them with you. well, not her recipe but a similar one that i found online.

here is the start to something freaking delicious!

and the topping. well the empty mixer bowl that mixed the mouthwatering topping.

the finished product! sooo good!

funny story. i had made these once for one of paul’s flights a few years ago. one of the guys had mentioned that his mom makes these but calls them chess squares. we compared the process and decided that it was probably the same just with different names.

fast forward a few years…turns out that my aunt was not the only one who knew how to make these. i read a post on kevin and amanda all about chess squares. and not only her but if you read her post you’ll find out that paula deen has a similar recipe too!

now i’m going to keep my promise and not give out the recipe she gave me but the link above will give you a similar recipe. i really hope you try it out.!

edited with instagram

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