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Linking up with Life Rearranged to give you a glimpse of my week, in cell phone photos.


playing with my new lenses!!  this is the fisheye lens.

macro lens.  a petal on one of the blooms in the photo above.

and some photo editing to show the pretty blooms i picked.

photojojo sent this cute little dinosaur with my new lenses!  rwar!

a praying mantis paul found in our basil pot.  he was pretty cooperative with the photo shesh.

a little baby snap pea growing!

i went to the columbus zoo and aquarium this past week with a friend and we saw this koala.  he is so cute!  and he looks so cuddly!! (note: taken with my telephoto lens.)

the next day i went to teavana with my neighbor-a, and her babes.  i finally got the tea maker that i’ve been wanting for a while.  they only had the bigger sized one and even though i wanted the smaller one i’m glad that i got the bigger one.  oh.  and i got some tea too.  but back to the tea maker.  isn’t that so cool!  you steep and then just place it over any size mouth cup and it strains through the bottom!

what did you do this week? did you do anything for the fourth? paul and i just stayed at home and hung out. it was a rainy day so he put our plants out in our walkway…free water! yay!

happy 4th on the 5th!

edited with instagram, photogrid and pixlr express


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One thought on “instafriday

  1. curly2880 on said:

    those flowers are gorgeous!

    Found you via Insta Friday! It’s my first link up!

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