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pinspiration – numero veinte y ocho

look at this jar! isn’t it just so cute?! (plus I have to find something to do with all that twine i bought)!
source: via tricia on pinterest

so last year i wrote about how i wanted to give myself a little motivation to work out. which was all fun and games. but my glass jar was just sitting out in the open looking all pretty….pretty full of money.

so i thought that this would be a great way to “hide” my funds.

here’s what i used instead of glue. it’s called mod podge. and I used the matte kind.

i chose to use four colors. i started at the bottom brushing some mod podge along the way. then i continued along with the other colors making sure that i stopped and started on the same side.

and here it is all done. (fyi: I did this project in october 2012 which is why you see the pumpkin. the pumpkin is put away i promise.)

easiest way to “hide” something and make it pretty too.

edited with picmonkey

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One thought on “pinspiration – numero veinte y ocho

  1. are you gonna make me one, too, bebe? in my fav colors?

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