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pinspiration – numero veinte y nueve

so this looked super good when i saw it on pinterest.
chicken macaroni casserole
source: via tricia on pinterest

got my amazon fire set up, noodles cooked, and chicken done. the sauce was made and everything was mixed together.

i put it in the oven for baking and it looked so good when it came out.

buuuuuuuutt… was not that good. see that scooped out section above?  yup.  that’s the only amount that i ate.  and not only that but i let it sit in the fridge for a week before throwing it out.  i was hoping that i would be in the mood to eat it but that mood just never came.  it was pretty salty.  if you couldn’t tell before i’ll tell you now…this is not a keeper recipe. and that green pasta…it’s made with spinach and broccoli.  that was pretty good.  lol.

edited with picmonkey


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