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do you guys remember when i showed off my gardening skills (haha!) and planted my first hydrangea?

i thought it was about time i gave you an update on how it’s doing. it’s been about three months so it’s time.

it took about a month to get these buds.  i planted this baby the first saturday of may.  in case you can’t see the dates….

31 may 2013

7 june 2013

14 june 2013

21 june 2013 – do you like my new turtle?

28 june 2013.  look how they’re all drooping!!!

i cut the blooms off and the branches sprang back up to life.

here are all the blooms.  they’re so pretty!  and they kept for about a week.

i had just gotten my new cell phone lenses and was so excited to use them!  here is the fisheye lens!  i love how it captured all the blooms.

here are some photos i snapped with the macro lens…look at that water drop!!

aren’t these petals so pretty!?!!?

i love seeing the veins in the petals!  is that right?  veins?

it’s all in the details!!!

and one last one.  just because.

i’ve been doing well so far with keeping up with watering. it was raining a lot for a week or so so i stopped watering and then there was rain in the forecast but it never rained and it didn’t really dawn on me to water so i kept wondering why there were no new buds. then i realized, DUH!!, i have to water!! so now that i’ve started watering regularly, i see new leaves forming which means new buds and new blooms are on their way!! hopefully i’ll get enough buds/blooms in the next few months so i can a)have pretty flowers in my yard and b)give you another update.

edited with instagram, photogrid, and pixlr express

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