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the white house, a memorial, and two monuments

over memorial day weekend, my sil-s and i drove out to washington, d.c. to meet up with my bro-m to visit our nation’s capital. you can read about our drive to d.c. here and our first day of visiting here.

so friday night after a little resting we (bro-m, sil-s, and i) got up, around 9:00 pm and headed out the door to check out a few monuments and memorials.

as we were walking down constitution avenue, we happened upon the white house. as you can tell we were pretty far away but there it is!

to the left of us was the washinton monument.  it was pretty neat to see, even though there was scaffolding all over.

this is the first memorial we walked up to.  it’s the three soldiers. according to wikipedia it was built to be more of a traditional component to the vietnam veterans memorial.

this is what was on all the flowers that surrounded the memorial.

we kept on walking towards the lincoln monument.  this shot is from the steps of the lincoln monument.  that’s the washington monument and the capital.

an awesome view of the lincoln monument.  i loved seeing it at night.  all lit up.

from the lincoln monument, bro-m took a picture of me and the sil with the washington monument in the background.  pretty neat.

after visiting around and taking pictures around the lincoln monument we walked back towards the vietnam veterans memorial.  and just because it’s pretty neat, i wanted to take a shot of the vvm with the washington monument in the background.

we ended up only being able to view these monuments and memorials since it was so late. we left the hotel around 9:00 p.m. and didn’t get back until about 1:00 a.m. even though i would’ve liked to see all the monuments and memorials we didn’t have enough time so it was great that we got to see these.

when we were planning on going out to washington, d.c. i didn’t even think about it being around memorial day weekend and what that would mean. it was amazing being in our nation’s capital during memorial day weekend. seeing the veterans walking around, all the flowers and notes, and hearing stories being told. it was great.

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