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last year when paul was deploying i found out that a high school classmate friend’s husband of mine was also deploying. only his deployment was a year long vs paul’s six months.

thankfully for him, though he was previously in the military, he went as a civilian and was able to come home for r&r three times.

i’d been wanting to do something for her i just didn’t know what. then one day i saw a recipe online that included peanut butter, oreos, and brownies. and i knew i hand found what i was looking for.

of course it took me longer than i’d liked to get them to her. but get them to her i did.

start out by lining the muffin pans, placing an oreo inside, and then dropping a dab of peanut butter on top.

after all that, take another oreo and put out on top of the peanut butter.

all ready for some brownie mix!

brownie mix ready for mixing!

i only had enough to fill all but three cups.

raw close-up. (those lumps are chocolate chips.)

raw. baked.

baked close-up.

mmm…inside.  oreo.peanutbutter.oreo.brownie. does it get any better?

and a shot from the top.

after they cooled down i bagged them and wrapped them.  then i boxed them up.

even though it’s just a small piece, it gives some decoration to the boring “priority mail” box.

you can find these pb oreo brownies here.

paul and i sampled one before i sent them out. they were delicious! and i would TOTALLY make them again! however, i would do some things differently.
1. use chocolate chip-less brownie mix
2. put a small dab of brownie mix in the cup before placing down the first oreo
3. follow the instructions and put one teaspoon of pb on top of each oreo instead of two teaspoons just in the middle

other than those three things, i think they turned out great!

and so did my friend. she posted a photo collage when she received them.

what do you think? if you get a chance you should make some pb-oreo-brownies. you will thank me later. =)

thanks for reading!

edited with instagram, photogrid, and pixlrexpress


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