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Linking up with Life Rearranged to give you a glimpse of my week, in cell phone photos.

i’ve been going through a rough patch and when i saw this on pinterest last week it spoke directly to me.  it doesn’t hurt that it is super cute too!  you can find this print at etsy at evan nicole designs.

on saturday, paul and i planted a few things (some lemon seeds and hot and spicy oregano) and then we started pulling the crabgrass in our lawn and replaced it with lawn seed.  we spent about four hours outside without even realizing it.

while pulling the crabgrass, we found this little guy.  isn’t he so cute!?!?!

then sunday am, we were at it again.  all i needed was this view and some coffee to get me excited about yard work.  paul is planting some pennyroyal here.

“the cure for anything is salt water.  sweat, tears, or the ocean.” isak dinesen
groopdealz posted this to their instagram feed and it also spoke to me. it’s very true, at least for me, right now.  with this rough time that i’m going through, i’ve been working out (sweat) as a means of getting my endorphin’s kicking.  i’ve also been crying a lot (tears) to relieve some of that tension.  the only thing that i haven’t done is sit on a beach and just listen to the waves crash.  but i’ve done that so many times i can imagine it.  it most definitely is not the same as actually being there but it is something.

my neighbor/friend-a and i wanted to get together for lunch.  but since we’re both on a tight budget i thought we could cook something together.  i had suggested to cook pastitsio but then later realized that it has lots and lots of dairy.  i thought of something else but it has soy.  and a has to be dairy and soy free right now (she’s breastfeeding her four month old daughter).  so we decided to make our original idea but use coconut spread in place of butter and unsweetened almond milk instead of milk.

here it is all finished and ready for eating.  we followed the barefoot contessa’s recipe which called for adding eggs and yogurt then baking for an hour.  but since it was already 12:30 we decided to eat it sloppy joe style and exclude the eggs and yogurt.  it was quite delicious!  even though friend-a couldn’t have dairy didn’t mean that i couldn’t.  so after i served myself, i added a bit of some parmesan.  mmm..

last year i heard about acuppakim’s mugswap through some bloggers that i started following.  however it was too late for me to sign up.  i didn’t even know when the sign ups were but thankfully one of the bloggers posted about it spreading the news of sign ups.  i was elated!  i could finally join this really cool and fun idea.  sign-ups go through the 7th of august.  head on over to acuppakim’s blog and sign up now!!!

can you guess what this is?  guess! guess! guess! guess! guess!  i’ll give you the answer next week!

this week was pretty fun.  the weather is cooling down and the sun is setting just a tiny bit earlier every day.  i’m still keeping up with my kettle bell exercises.  in fact i’m not even sore anymore after doing them.  which is great because i just started last thursday!  yay!

what did you do this week?

edited with instagram, photogrid and pixlr express


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One thought on “instafriday

  1. fantastic! thanks for sharing!
    looks like you had a fun week for sure! :)

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