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pinspiration – numero treinta y dos

just look at this photo.

does that not scream, “try me! try me! try me!”

so i had to try me!
source: via tricia on pinterest

here are the steps:
1. cream together cream cheese and sugar along with some other ingredients.
2. once everything is mixed together, pour into a bowl for refrigeration.
3. the next day pour the refrigerated base into your ice cream maker.
4. start the ice cream maker and watch it turn into ice cream.

just some shots of the cream base becoming ice cream!

cut up some strawberries and angel food cake.

in the last five minutes or so pour the strawberries and angel food cake into the mixer to create this masterpiece.

i made it for dessert when we had dinner at our neighbor’s house.  i was so excited to try it that i forgot to take a picture of it.  but here are some empty bowls which held the ice cream just a few minutes prior to the emptying of these bowls.

this is a keeper recipe. a little more work than i’d like but still it was good enough that i’d be willing to do the work. yum!

edited with instagram and photogrid


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