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pinspiration numero treinta y tres y treinta y cuatro

just look at that steak!  o!m!g!  sooo good!  i just HAD to try it!
source: via tricia on pinterest

i normally don’t go for the dishes that require me to purchase new ingredients because if i end up not liking the dish then i don’t want to have all these leftovers.

ingredient leftovers.

but my friend-jk bought this cookbook for me last year and i’ve started reading it (the first cookbook that i actually sat down to read like a book not just peruse the recipes).

and in this book the author’s #4 rule in entertaining is don’t let unfamiliar ingredients scare you off.
dinner a love story
source: DINNER a love story

so i bit the bullet and bought the “unfamiliar  ingredients” – balsamic vinegar and worcestershire – sauce that scare me off.

here’s what i did with the steak:
1. ingredients, including brown sugar (not pictured)
2. per instructions, let it marinate for 30 minutes – i did 15 minutes on one side and 15 minutes on the other
3. used my handy dandy cuisinart griller to grill the steak.

i decided to try out this creamy garlic pasta to accompany the steak since paul LOVES garlic.  (and so do i!)
source: via tricia on pinterest

1. i actually weighed out the eight ounces of pasta the recipe calls for
2. i was supposed to have eight ounces of grated parmesan cheese but all i had on hand was five ounces so that’s what i went with
3. per the instructions, i boiled the pasta in the broth rather than waiting for the liquid to come to a boil and then adding the pasta
4. when the pasta was cooked, i added in the parmesan

here is the final product.  i realize that i cut the meat with the grain so it was pretty tough to bite and chew but it was still good!

this steak recipe is a DEFINITE keeper! the pasta recipe, however, is not. it did not turn out the way it looks in the source photo and it was a little confusing, to me, how to make. (plus i found another garlic pasta dish that i like WAAAAY better)!!

edited with instagram and photogrid


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