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go-to meal

whenever one of paul’s co-workers has something change in their family – a baby, some kind of surgery, a death in the family – we are asked to provide a meal for the family to help ease the change.  i used to make spaghetti but that turned out to be just a bit more work than i would have liked.  plus i had to use a couple of dishes when delivering the food.

while we were in alabama, i made this dish SEVERAL times.  and it was ALWAYS a big hit!!  not only am i glad that it was always a big hit, but it is SUPER easy to make.  plus, it tastes real good!!

here are the ingredients:

first you brown one pound of ground beef, or in my case, turkey, and drain the fat.  then add all the seasonings and let saute for a few minutes.  you can also start cooking the pasta at this time.

once you’re done sauteing, go ahead and add the sauce, cheese, and cream cheese then just let it all meld together.

after the meat sauce has had time to simmer together, go ahead and throw the pasta into the sauce and mix together.  make sure you reserve a cup of the pasta water in case the mix ends up being a bit thick.   most times i use a half cup of the pasta water but sometimes i don’t need to use it at all.

all mixed and ready to serve.

once i finish cooking i let it cool for about ten minutes and then i put it in a foil pan or some other disposable pan.  i used to always put it in one of my casserole dishes but one time i didn’t get my dish back, even though it had my name one it,   so now i buy those disposable foil pans at the market and deliver it that way.

for a step by step photograph recipe you can click here.  which is also where i got the recipe from.  i’ve made my own adjustments to the dish such as: i don’t use ground chuck meat, i use the whole box of bowtie pasta, i don’t use olive oil, i don’t use garlic powder, and i don’t use sour cream.  i use ground turkey and cream cheese as sub for the ground chuck and sour cream, respectively.

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