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pinspiration – numero treinta y cinco

almond milk is quite pricey.  so when i saw this pin i decided to try it to see if i could save money.

plus, she promises that it is easy.
source: via tricia on pinterest

start by soaking some almonds in the fridge for a few days.

got this date thing from my mom.  it’s helpful but it doesn’t stick very well.

this is what the soaked almonds look like two days later.  gross!!!

after rinsing the almonds, place them in the blender along with some water.

and blend for five minutes straight.  FIVE minutes!!!  it doesn’t seem that long but because the motor is so loud it seems like FOR. EV. ER!!  *side note: a friend brought to my attention that the sandlot is 20 years old this year!!!!!

place some cheesecloth in a sieve and pour in the blended almond mixture.  it starts draining as a steady stream but once it starts to drip then it’s time to squeeze the bejezzes out of it.

after a few rounds of pouring, draining, and squeezing, you’re left with this almond meal.

you can even see the cheesecloth imprint there!

here is some freshly made almond milk!!

it didn’t taste very good right off the bat. paul added some lots of sugar and it finally started to taste okay. so i haven’t made it again. yet. but i might just to try it one more time. it might be better. it might not be better. we’ll see. in any case i won’t be making it enough for it to be worth making versus buying. maybe you can try it and you’ll have better results. let me know. please.!

edited with instagram and photogrid


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