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the drive home

over memorial day weekend, my sil-s and i drove out to washington, d.c. to meet up with my bro-m to visit our nation’s capital. you can read about our drive to d.c. here, our first day of visiting here, some nighttime walking here, our saturday here, the first part of our sunday here, the second part of our sunday here‎.

and now you’re going to see all the states that we drove through on the way home.

maryland – not quite the state sign but good enough. heehee, sil-s!! ;p

west virginia. i think we passed through this state twice on the way home.

or maybe it was pennsylvania that we passed through twice. hmmm…i can’t remember for sure.

and good ol’ o-hi-o. home sweet home!!

before we went home we stopped at the tanger outlets. we were good and didn’t buy too much. heehee. but we each found at least two things. i may have found one more than my sil-s. oops?!?

the drive home wasn’t as long as the drive to washington, d.c. but isn’t that always the case? the return is ALWAYS quicker, or at least it feels like that for me.

i had a great time visiting in d.c. and with my bro and sil-s. thanks for a fun time! i look forward to many more.

(all photos by sil-s)
edited with instagram


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One thought on “the drive home

  1. darn that Maryland sign! ha ha ha. i look forward to many more, too!! :)

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