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project life 365 – july

so back in january I had posted about my resolutions goals for this year with one if them being project life.

well, I was able to keep it up for the whole month of january (which i’ll post soon too). then i kinda fell off the face of the earth at least for project life.  i made a few feeble attempts in the months of march, april, and may.  then i completely skipped june.  and when july came around i decided that i should get on it and start it up again.  so here is my july project life 365 photos.

1. you today: the weather had been crazy raining one day and super hot the next then it was forecasted rain but then rain would never come.  so i took a chance to mow but then it started raining and i had to stop.
2. footware:  these are my favorite.  a friend noted that it looks like summer, spring, winter, and fall (clockwise from top left).  it was pretty funny because i didn’t even see it until he pointed it out.
3. seasonal:  a few days later i got to finish mowing.  i’m so glad that mowing is only a few months out of the year.
4. independent:  this little girl is quite the independent.  i’m gonna miss seeing her.
5. spark:  there’s no denying the spark between us!
6. the old me:  i used to wear socks with slippers.  (photo circa 1998)

7. glass:  paul bought this glass jar to brew tea in for iced tea.
8. in the details:  it’s so crazy how much goes into growing one tomato.
9. me time:  watching me some lord of the rings.
10. innocence:  this baseball and bat remind me of the innocence of a pick-me-up ballgame.
11. park:  the first thing i think of when i hear the word park is my college friend eric park.
12. strange:  i have a photo in my guest bathroom of which lever to push when you flush.
13. funny:  love this fun and funny garden decor!

14. crisp:  love the crisp new growth of my bella anna hydrangeas.
15. vintage:  am i old enough to have owned something that is considered vintage?  or is this more retro?
16. tick tock:  got this digital atomic clock from groupon goods.  it’s one of my favorites since the numbers are much, much bigger.
17. my love:  paul loves making faces for photos.  in this one he’s making a “clifford” face.
18. weakness:  this spot on my couch is my weakness.  i sit here and watch tv and sometimes fall asleep.
19. grainy:  can you guess what this is?  it’s quinoa!!  red quinoa!!
20. fast:  this grass grows WAY too fast!

21. currently reading:  hoping to replace our ceiling fan soon!
22. anticipate:  can’t wait for these tomatoes to ripen so we can eat them!!!!!
23. fruity:  cute thirty-one zipper cases.
24. unexpected:  went out in my backyard and found my neighbors sitting out watching their son play in the water.  when i went over to chat with them, my neighbor/friend-a offered me this yummy dessert.
25. next door:  neighbor/friend-a’s son neighbor-l low riding his swim trunks.
26. for the win:  it’s samsung for the win!!
27. bold:  this is a really bold flavor that i have come to love!

28. family:  it’s a little samsung family!! (note 10.1; tab 3 8-inch; droid charge smartphone)
29. mail:  you’ve got mail!
30. orange:  love this box!  it means tons of laughter is on its way!
31. childhood:  absolutely LOVE this book!!

it was pretty tough coming up with some of these photos but i’m glad that i stuck it out.  now if only i can continue to do that through the end of the year.  wish me luck!!

edited with instagram, photogrid, and pixlr express


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