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pinspiration – numero treinta y seis

have you seen all those pretty colored mason jars?  i’ve seen them come in pink, orange, yellow, blue, green.

and then i found this.  and i thought that looks easy enough.  i can make my own colored mason jars!

source: via tricia on pinterest

when my sil-s was in town we decided to make some.  but we thought we’d use small jars just in case they didn’t turn out right.

here is the mod podge.

sil-s mixing the mod podge with water.

then she added some red food coloring.  i LOVED the way this looks.  so artsy fartsy!

another artsy photo.  i just love how the colors look when mixing them together.

once the colors have been completely mixed together, pour some into the mason jar.

then just roll the jar around so that the mixture coats all sides.

place them upside down and let them drain a bit.  also, take a picture of your sil-s taking a picture.  haha.

after they are done draining, flip them around and place them in the oven.

when they’re all done “baking” this is what they’ll look like.  the color is a tad bit lighter than the color that you mixed.

just an artsy shot of our jars.

sil-s left hers with me so i placed them on my kitchen window sill.  so pretty.

this was a pretty fun and easy craft.  the only thing that sorta sucks about it is that if you put water in the jar, the color will wash away since it it only mod podge.  but that’s okay.  i think i read somewhere that if i don’t want that to happen all i have to do it color the outside of the jar and then spray some sort of finish on it.  but that will be for another day.

edited with instagram and photogrid


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