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pinspiration – numero treinta y siete

paul loves ketchup.  which is a total understatement.  he can’t get enough ketchup.  he puts it on his bugers, his hot dogs, his tacos.  yup.  that’s right you read it right.  his tacos.

so i happened up on this one day while perusing pinterest.  lol.  and i thought i’d try it out.
source: via tricia on pinterest

here are the ingredients.  who knew you ketchup has mustard in it!!?!?!??

combine all ingredients and mix together.

place in a airtight container.

and label.  the site says that the ketchup is only good for about two weeks but paul didn’t use it up quite that fast.  and i don’t like ketchup so i didn’t touch it.  i think he used it about two more weeks after and it was still good.  so i say that it’s shelf life is at least a month.

paul said that it was pretty good.  and we’re no longer buying ketchup.  just making it as we need it.  i suggest to make it a few days prior to when you’re going to be using it the first time just to let all the ingredients meld and infuse together.  other than that it’s pretty straight forward.

edited with instagram

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One thought on “pinspiration – numero treinta y siete

  1. Interesting! I bet it’s much healthier, too? Thanks for linking up!!

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