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strawberry festival

at the beginning of june i went to my first ever strawberry festival. it was not quite what i thought but i still had a great time.

the city of troy holds one every year (at the beginning of june) and they have these cute banners all around downtown. that’s how you know you’re in the right area.

*funny story: when we parked and got out of the car, my friend-k totally thought this couple was real.  it was hilarious!  so i had to take a picture of the statue. and as we were walking to the festival and back we saw several more statues.  they were pretty realistic.  there was one of a kid on a skateboard and a dad with his daughter on a bench and a woman in a business suit walking a dog.  there were more i just can’t remember them.

all along the city streets were these painted strawberries.  for lunch we had these philly cheese sandwiches and then a strawberry funnel cake.  yum!

on the main street was this waterfall that they tinted pink/red.  it was really pretty, especially with the clouds.

we took a few photos while eating lunch.  this is my friend-k and her son, baby-j.

our view of downtown.

and the infamous strawberry doughnut!  it was quite delicious!  not too strawberry-y but enough for some good flavor.

we had a great time at the festival and friend-k even found a few things to buy. this is the first festival that i’ve been to out here and i look forward to more.

edited with instagram, photogrid, and pixlr express


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