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columbus zoo and aquarium

at the end of june i had posted about the drive out to washington, d.c. and passing through pittsburgh.  the pittsburgh mommy had read it and commented on my post which in turn prompted me to read her blog.  she had posted about her visit to columbus with her family.  there were a few attractions that sounded interesting but the one that jumped out at me was the zoo and aquarium.  i clicked on the link and looked around their site.  i saw at the bottom of the home page that they were offering free admission to all military members the following week (4th of july week).  so i asked my friend-k if she wanted to join me.  and she said, “YES!”  haha!!

so we decided on a day and, of course, started our day late.  i was late.  she was late.  it took a little while getting baby-j’s carseat moved into my car. but we got there.  in one piece.

and we started off with some turtles.

saw some reptiles.

a series of baby black and white colobus.  isn’t that baby so cute!?!!

and a close-up.

we walked into this bird sanctuary and i saw these two birds sitting on the branch.  then all of a sudden…bam!  and that bigger bird attacked the little bird!!  what the!?!?!!?!??  it was weird and funny all at the same time.

these pretty birds were kissing.  so cute!  and i love that red on their tails!  it’s kind of a coral-y/redish color.  so pretty!!  this picture just doesn’t do it justice!

on the walk to the next exhibit i took this series of photos of baby-j.  he’s just so cute!

the next exhibit was the gorilla exhibit.  there was this huge gorilla statue so we took a picture.  here’s friend-k and baby-j.

and me with baby-j.

there were signs like this around the exhibit.  i thought it was pretty funny.

there was a baby gorilla!!!  only 41 days old at the time!

friend-k and baby-j with a gorilla in the background.  fun!

these chimps were cleaning each other.

there was all this mist as we walked to the next exhibit and friend-k said, “what is this?  jungles of the mist?”  it was funny.  maybe you had to be there.

i think these are warthogs.  they were sleepy.

pretty flowers!

and this leopard!

this is a okapi. its tongue is long enough to reach its ears!!!! it looks like a cross between a zebra and a horse!!!

this is part one of two (maybe three) because there are soooo many pictures. so more are on their way!


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