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a few weeks ago i posted this photo on instagram of my #mugswap2013 mug.

and now i’m going to tell you all about it.

this marks the third year that kim has hosted the mug swap. the only rule is to send a mug to your assigned swapper by the date given by kim.

you can choose to include extras or not. you don’t have to have a blog or instagram either.

and have fun!

about a week into the swap i opened my mailbox to this awesome box.

then i opened it.

and here it is! it’s quite cute with the white dots going down the handle. and i love the colors!

here’s a little collage of what i sent to my swapper. she said that her husband questioned why she took part in the swap but when he saw what she received he asked her if she could do this every week!

i absolutely had a blast participating! i’m so thankful that i heard about it. and in time to sign up this year. i’m looking forward to next year’s mug swap already.

much thanks to kim for hosting this awesome event!

linking up with kim!

Mug Swap!

edited with instagram, photogrid, and pixlr express


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One thought on “#mugswap2013

  1. ha! this is hilarious. i imagine any husband would be happy to receive baked goods in the mail. :)

    i absolutely love the cheery mug you received too. i bet everything tastes better out of it!

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