my life in pictures and words

project life 365 – august

project life 365 for the month of august.

aaaaand go!

1. you_today: put the dishes away, mowed the lawn, did my kettle bell exercises, wrote some posts, and cooked dinner.
2. reliable: aveeno lotion quenches my dry skin so reliably. <–is that even a word? haha. (if not, i just made it a word. you’re welcome.)
3. hair: got my hair did today!!

4. high contrast: giles (buffy the vampire slayer) is uther pendragon (merlin).
5. collection: my second set of magnets as my first was stolen. jerks. they must have been boys. lol.
6. morning_routine: includes cereal and an iced vanilla latte! #nespressoforlife
7. snack: this is my favorite right now.
8. kiss: i smacked my cousin on the cheek! #gotcha
9. my_work: is to fill up the sink with dirty dishes.
10. in_the_distance: while in MD, my sil-s and i got pulled over for making a left turn where it says no left turn. but we didn’t see the sign (which was NOT next to the signal) until it was too late. so when we got pulled over the cop said the “no left turn” sign is in the same place as every where else in the united states. but i have proven him wrong here because the no “left turn sign” is right next to the signal, not at the corner on a lamp post.

11. direction: to make homemade pita bread. yum!
12. above: the skylight in my car.
13. underneath: say hi to mr. gnome!
14. little_things: these sweet basil seeds are so tiny!
15. reality: it’s a never-ending cycle! (just like laundry!)
16. obligations: getting this package out was the best kind of obligation! #mugswap2013
17. matched_pair: love my chevron washi tape!

18. motion_blur: was gonna delete this pic of my cousin-t but so glad i didn’t.
19. flight: cousin-j being silly.
20. stripes: it’s a lemur’s tail! #iliketomoveitmoveitiliketomoveitmoveiliketomoveit
21. not_a_chore: love eating at hires big h!
22. lucky_number: not lucky but favorite!
23. fracture: our homegrown tomatoes look like this! #whatsupwiththat
24. please: how long do we have to stand here with these stinky skunks?

25. memory: i will NEVER forget this moment!!
26. refreshing: a cherry limeade and jr. root beer float from hires big h
27. white: love these eyes! #zombiesforlife
28. rule_of_thirds: hires cherry limeade, hires big h hamburger with pastrami, and hires onion rings.
29. bubbly: my contacts solution is quite bubbly.
30. just_like_a_movie: #achristmastory house #youllshotyoureyeout #redryderbbgun
31. thank_you: to my cousin-b for introducing me to this amazing food called sweet pork. it’s like baked beans but with shredded pork not beans. yum!

thanks for reading!


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