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columbus zoo & aquarium again

*around the fourth of july, my friend-k and i went to the columbus zoo & aquarium. you can read about the beginning of our adventures here.

rafiki! aka a mandrill.

not sure if you can tell but this orangutan looked so sad. i felt so bad being there. seeing him like that. it kind of almost made me swear off zoos.

and then we saw this orangutan. and i just about died.

so we moved on…onto this cute otter. it’s called an asian small-clawed otter. it’s pretty cute and made some cute noises.

next we saw this komodo dragon laying in the grass.  did you know that they are cold blooded and can’t regulate their body temperatures?  according to the sign at the zoo they are and so on sunny days over 60 degrees they’ll be outdoors and on cooler days they’ll be indoors.

this guy was pretty fun to watch.  he’s a white-handed gibbon.

and he’s a siamang gibbon. i got this great action shot while he was jumping from one rope to the next.

these guys are west african crowned cranes.

it’s a hard life being a kangaroo!!

did you know??*
1.  the smallest kangaroo is the musky “rat” kangaroo at 9 in, 1 lb 1 oz
2. at any one time a red or grey roo doe can have an embryo waiting dormant in her womb, a joey growing in her pouch and a third joey at foot and still suckling
3. kangaroos are excellent swimmers
4. drought is the worst enemy of the kangaroo
5. kangaroos can reach a speed of 25 mph
6. the dingo is the predator of the kangaroo

look at that super cute koala!!!

and just a few more.  just because.

after drooling over the koalas we ventured into manatee land.

the zoo and aquarium house three manatees.  they are (from top to bottom) stubby, wheezy, and pixie.

stubby facts*: he was rescued in 1995 and lived at sea world (orlando) until 2005, his scars are from an pre-existing medical condition, and a portion of his tail is missing as a result of a boat strike.

wheezy facts*: he was rescued on 15 january 2011 (mah birthday!!!), he was found in the desoto canal in satellite beach, florida, and he was suffering from the effects of cold stress.

pixie facts*: she was rescued on 24 july 2010, at the time was estimated to be only a few weeks old, she was found alone in shallow water near daytona, florida, and she was the smallest manatee (42 lbs) to arrive at columbus zoo.

and one with all three of them in the picture.  (plus a random fish)

after viewing the mantees, we walked into the “aquarium” portion and took a little break. plus friend-k had to feed baby-j.

and that’s where we’ll stop for today.

*the following facts are provided by the columbus zoo and aquarium
edited with instagram, photogrid, and pixlr express


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