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Zipper with a Twist

So my cousin had asked me too make a zipper bag for her A LONG TIME AGO and after about five months I finally made it for her.

I followed this tutorial by noodlehead. It was pretty straightforwardand fun to make.

I like to have the zipper opening from left to right so I’m always having to check and double check to make sure I’m sewing the correct sides together.image

I made a few zipper bags for Christmas last year and didn’t topstitch the zippers which I regret. So now I topstitch to give it a cleaner look.

Once I’ve finished sewing and topstitching the zipper I line up the outside and inside together. Well, the outsides together and the insides together. Also, making sure that I’ve kept the zipper at least halfway open and about three inches unsewn (is that a word? Haha it is now!), that way I can pull it inside out to make it right side out. See that little piece sticking out in the bottom right picture? That’s a little twist to just a plain ol zipper bag that you’ll see in a minute.

Here’s what it looks like sewn all around (with the little unsewn gap).

So the top left photo is showing why I leave the zipper open a bit as well as why I need that gap. The top right is a detail of how the corners need to be clipped. But not too far that it cuts into the corner of the bag. Bottom left is what the bag looks like while turning it inside out. And the bottom right is after I’ve turned out and used my pointer to make a clean point in the corner.

So this is what the liner looks like once it’s been turned inside out. I folded the flaps under and closed it by sewing it shut. Haha! Don’t get it? It’s nothing really just my weird sense of humor. Sorry. So anyways that last photo is after I’ve pushed the liner back into the bag.

And that little twist is this pull tab thing in the side of the bag.

Here it is all done.

This was probably my eighth zipper bag and third one with the topstitching. I’m getting better at it but it’s still not super professional or anything. Practice, practice, practice! Still having lots of fun so that’s good too! Haha!


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