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I’ve made a few personalized tumblers in my day but just never for myself. One day while shopping at target (of course) I saw a “personalize it” tumbler and thought I should make one with some instagram photos. I mean, what else to do with my instagram photos? Plus I had just learned about this instagram print site called

I ended up not going with the Starbucks one and found this Aladdin one that I liked better.

I started by tracing the template onto some black paper and cutting it out.

Make sure when you’re making yours to leave enough space at the bottom so your pictures/design doesn’t get cut off. Which is what this mark is for, even though you can barely see anything.

I started with the bigger pictures first using photo adhesives so they don’t warp over time.

Then I placed it in the tumbler so I could get a feel for what it was going to look like and also to make sure I liked it. *sidenote: I had a hard time getting it back into the tumbler because the photos were so stiff. So be careful when inserting.

Next I placed the smaller sticker photos.

My mom has this awesome machine that can “cold laminate” as well as turn regular paper into stickers. So to make sure that my design didn’t get wet when washing I “cold laminated” that baby.

This is my design. Some of my favorite photos.

A close-up so you can see the laminate.

The first time I used it was at Teavana for some iced tea. Yum! But these days I use it for my iced latte.

photos edited with instagram, pixlr express, and photogrid Android app


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