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Surprises on the Inside

Last Christmas I put my sewing machine to work and made a few of the gifts we gave. These are the ones I made for my bro-m and sil-s.

I found this fabric at Joann Fabric & Crafts. I still hadn’t started topstitching yet so this one doesn’t have it. Funny story about this particular zipper bag. I thought it’d be cool to have the zipper super close to the bag so while sewing upcloseandpersonal I accidentally sewed over the zipper! I had to break out my seam ripper and start all over. It was no bueno! But in the end I was happy that I kept with it and cleaned it up.
(photo courtesy of sil-s)

I found this awesomely old skool cassette tape pattern on fabricworm and knew I had found the right pattern for my bro-m. His zipper bag is the first that I topstitched the zipper.
(photo courtesy of sil-s)

When I cut his material I accidentally cut the lining too short so I had to cut just a few more inches of another piece and then sew them together. Oops!

Now, for the surprises on the inside….I had seen this super cute embroidery patten and decided that I wanted to make it on something and give it to my sil-s. I thought how fun would it be to open a zipper bag and see this!? So I cut out my liner and then embroidered this cute little coffee cup. Now whenever sil-s opens up her bag she’ll see this little guy!
(photo courtesy of sil-s)

I was perusing around mollie’s blog, looking at free patterns and such, and found this little guy. So I decided to give him a shot and embroider it into bro-m’s bag.


Here are some “in the process” shots…


I think they turned out great and I am so excited to try out some more.

photos edited with instagram, pixlr express, and photogrid Android apps


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