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pinspiration – numero cuarenta y siete

Spinach artichoke pesto pizza!  Gluten free!
Spinach-Arthicoke-Pesto-Pizza-3source: via Tricia on Pinterest

In the Winter of 2014, we went gluten free.  By Summer 2014 we added gluten back into our diet.  But some of the ingredients we tried stuck with us.  One of them was this quinoa flour.

Using the quinoa flour I made the crust and then spread out the spinach basil pesto.

Atop the peso are three layers of goodness.  Spinach, artichokes, and cheese.  mmmm..cheese!  We had some pepperoni leftover so we added it onto part of the pizza.

All done baking!

Nice golden crust.  MMMmmmmm!

The gluten free pizza crust does taste pretty good.  We’ve since perfected it and now add some spices and herbs for more flavoring.  The pizza toppings and ingredients are tasteful and a good alternative to just plain cheese and pepperoni.

edited with Instagram and Photogrid


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