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pinspiration – numero cuarenta y nueve

I saw on pinterest that you can grow plants from lemon seeds and thought I should try it since we were using a lot of lemons.  Unfortunately the link to the blog that I saw it on is no longer.  But up there is the link to my pinterest page of the lemon seed growing.

Start out with some clean seeds.

I followed what the pictures looked like in the image saved onto pinterest and started with some small pebbles, soil, seeds, more soil, and then topped it off with more small pebbles.

a few weeks later there was some growth.  i took this picture of the growth that i saw but i don’t think this is from the lemon seed.  =(

these, however, are from the lemon seeds.  aren’t they gorgeous?!!?!

or maybe they’re not?  how can you tell?

i saw these “bumps” and thought they must be the lemon seed leaves!!!

this project didn’t really turn into anything.  i got lazy and stopped watering and so the leaves died.  then it became winter and it was too cold.  i’m going to say this was a pinterest success, though, because i did see some growth.  yay!  i may try again but this time be more diligent about watering.  haha.  we’ll see!

edited with instagram and photogrid


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