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Nighty Night Nightgown

In early 2015 I made my first garment. Thankfully it was for a toddler so the pieces were small. It’s Kwik Sew 3423.

I made these nightgowns for neighbor-A’s daughter, neighbor-AM. She’s now grown so much that these are too small for her.

This is a polyester one that I made for during winter. But because I hadn’t ever made anything and I like to get a larger size in clothes I made this one one size too big. And neighbor-AM couldn’t wear this one until late fall 2015. Neighbor-AM is on the shorter side and so when she starting wearing it it was just barely off the floor. Haha. When she grew out of it, it hit her about mid-calf and was short in the arms about a few inches.

This is a quiliting cotton I found at Joann’s. This one was made in her exact size. And when she grew out of it it was too short in the arms and perfect in the body.

For her birthday this year, 2016, I made another one for her in her favorite disney character, Minnie Mouse! This time I shortened the body by four inches and increased the arms by two inches. When she got it, it fit perfectly!

This was a great segway into sewing something that doesn’t have straight edges. Up until now I’ve only sewn zipper bags and purses that have straight edges. It was fun seeing all the pieces come together. And now I’m addicted.


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3 thoughts on “Nighty Night Nightgown

  1. Sew so cute! Your neighbor is going to love them!:)

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