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Hippity, Hip, Hip

My friend at Old Navy had wanted a hip pouch fanny pack.  I had seen a few patterns for making an actual fanny pack with it being gusseted and all.  I wasn’t sure about how I could make it so I hesitated.  I had read somewhere that you could basically make one by using a regular zip bag and attaching some straps to it.  I think I read that on Maggie Whitley aka Gussey Sews instagram.

So I set out to make one just like that.  I made a zip bag/pouch and added straps to the sides to wrap around her waist.  She has kind of an eclectic taste so after we found some prints that she liked I set to it.

Here are the pieces cut out (she gave me measurements of what size she was looking for).

I had made a flap to go over the zipper so you can see here how I attached it to the zipper.

And here is where I topstitched it in place.  The flap closed over the zipper.

In order to flip your bag inside out you have to leave a opening which is what is shown here.  You can see the straps and flap and everything!

Here it is all finished.  I also added a magnetic snap so that the flap would stay closed.

A close-up of the zip bag with flap and straps to wrap around the waist!

The recipient!  Such a ham!

After using it for a while, she mentioned that it’s actually kinda hard to use with the closure being knotted.  So in the future I think I’ll have to come up with another way to make the straps close.  I’m thinking maybe using a buckle, parachute closures, or even a swivel clasp/d-rings.  The possibilities are endless!


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