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Hello Kitty, Quilt Me aka Pinspiration – numero cincuenta y cuatro

In March 2015 I made my first quilt.  A basic straight line baby quilt.  I found 30 Handmade Days tutorial on Pinterest.

I found these cute Hello Kitty prints and these super cute coordinating prints.  Girly but not too girly.  And those colors!!!  Yum!

I cut all the pieces, strips only in varying size.  I’m sewing them together using my sewing machine table.  I had just gotten it and was super excited to use it.  Having that extra table length helps out tremendously!

This is the back.  I used two coordinating prints from the front to showcase in the back.

A VERY blurry picture but it’s showing how the quilting process.  Just straight stitches but I had to roll up the ends to fit in the “throat” of the sewing machine.

Another quilting shot.  Look at the topstitching!  Haha!!

The very first time that I ever ran out of thread!

Applying the binding by machine.  Love those binder clips!

The completed top side.

The completed bottom side.  I used the remaining scraps to make the binding so that’s why it’s a bit different on all sides.

I had a lot of fun making this quilt.  I’ve even made one more since and have another in the works.  I’ll be posting them soon. ish.  Haha.


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