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basic-tee, any 5 year old can wear these

I wanted to make some shirts for my niece who turned five earlier this year.  I looked on the interwebs along with Pinterest.  I don’t remember where I found this tutorial but the pattern can be found on Craftsy.

According to the measurements, the free pattern size, size four, would fit my niece.  So I printed the instructions and free pattern and cut them up.  I typically use my little mason jars that hold all my sewing things as weights.  I’m hoping to make some real weights soon. Using the rotary helps out so much to cut knit fabric.
20160216_154353 - Copy

I didn’t get photos of actually making the shirts, but here they are.
20160216_210525 - Copy

Cute kids prints.
20160217_135057 - Copy

I thought this one would be nice as it is plain but still sweet.
20160217_181434 - Copy

I thought this would be too busy but in the end I really liked it.
20160217_181549 - Copy

All sewn up and folded, ready to be gifted.
20160217_181749 - Copy

My niece’s mom said they’re too big for her, they’re more like a size six.  But at least they weren’t too small for her.

Hope to get a shot of her wearing them soon.


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