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Eye Spy, You Spy aka Pinspiration – numero cincuenta y cinco

As I was perusing Pinterest a. long. time. ago. I came across an “I Spy” bag.  I thought it would be fun to make and fun to play with for my friend’s son.  He was close to turning one also.  Here it is on Pinterest but if you don’t want to go through pinterest you can find it on Make It and Love It.

I had some light blue fleece in my stash so I decided to make a blue fish.  His parents love fishing. I first made a template to make sure that the fish would be big enough after I cut a big hole in it.  I cut some stiff clear vinyl to cover the hole and then pinned and sewed them together.

I read that it would be easier to use fabri-tac (glue for fabric) before sewing so that’s what you see here.

Because fleece doesn’t fray I just topstitched it closed but left a small opening so that I could fill the fish with poly beads and other fun goodies to “spy”.
2014-08-17 17.26.26

Some close-ups.

And here are some goodies to be i-spied.
20140206_203928 - Copy

Some other items included are a big button, trucks, leaves, sewing machine, cupcake, and many other things.

My friend suggested that this game probably isn’t really good for a one year old.  He wasn’t too interested in playing with it.  She said it’s probably more for like a three year old or so. So if you plan on making one or getting one for a gift I’d hold off until the kid is at least two and a half.

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