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minky bulldogs?

So a few weeks ago I stated that in March 2015 I made my first quilt.  But I lied.  Oops.  I forgot that in June 2014 I made my nephew a quilt.  I didn’t have a pattern or anything.  I just sort of made up my own.  Haha.  I even wrote it down and did all the calculations.  I went to pick up my fabric and started cutting and sewing.  Also, this was my second time working with minky.

His parents are fans of the Georgia Bulldogs so obviously those would be the starting colors and everything.  I got black and red mink from Hancock Fabrics, which is sadly no more.  I cut up what I had calculated that I needed and quickly found out that I most definitely needed more.  I was closer to Joann’s so I went in and looked at their minky but it did not match what I already had.  Their minky was different.  Less silky, comfy, scrumptious.  So I went back to Hancock and got some more. I found that using binder clips was easier than using pins for minky.  Also, a walking foot is highly, highly, highly suggested.
20140705_093150 - Copy

I had purchased just enough material for three red and three black squares.  Boy, oh boy, were my calculations off!  I don’t even know how that happened!  Here is the front patched piece.  Below is the cotton batting and then below that is the backing which is a Georgia Bulldog print.
20140707_205406 - Copy

I didn’t really know what I was doing, I mean I still don’t, but I really didn’t back then.  I had seen that you could make a binding using the backing by folding it over the front twice.  That’s what I did here.
20140709_092147 - Copy

I think this is the completed quilt.  Like I said I didn’t really know what I was doing.  I had wanted to make a football design but couldn’t really translate it from what I was picturing.  I ended up just doing some random straight lines.  If I could do it over I would probably topstich along the pieced edges.
20140711_204226 - Copy

Here is the backing.
20140711_204310 - Copy

Please excuse the messes around the last two photos.  I was using my Photojojo Fish Eye lens.  I had planned to cut out the excess but I’m lazy.  Lol…if you couldn’t tell as I’m just now posting about this quilt that I made over two years ago.  =)


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