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pretty up the cork aka Pinspiration numero – cincuenta y cinco

I had seen this make over of a cork board on pinterest and decided that I needed to do that with my cork board.  You can find the tutorial at two twenty one.

I had found this super cute print that was vertical but I couldn’t decide if I wanted my board to have to sit vertical or horizontal.  And with that print once I put it on I’d be stuck with that one option.

I asked on Instagram and most people, all three of them, said horizontal.  I probably wouldn’t done it horizontal in the end but I can’t be sure.

If I did it vertical you wouldn’t see as much of the print.  This one is the vertical one.

So I waited and waited and waited and waited until I found some prints that I absolutely loved and wasn’t a one-way only print.  I got to work.

I laid out some plastic that I had on hand from painting.  Then I used some spray adhesive, which is what the plastic is for.  I don’t what that stuff on my rug!!

20140516_164839 - Copy

Then I laid the fabric down and smoothed it out and flipped it over.
20140516_165906 - Copy

And scrunched up the corners like so.
20140516_171424 - Copy

I took some thumbtacks and pushed them in allclosetogether.
20140516_172858 - Copy

It’s not very straight at all but it adds some character.  Hahaha!
20140516_200636 - Copy

Now all I have to do is add the sawtooth hanger things to the back so that I can hang this on the wall.  Currently it’s leaning against the wall collecting dust.  Oops. I’m going to have to get on that!


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