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take me with you aka Pinspiration numero – cincuenta y seis

Oops…I accidentally posted this one before I finished it.  So now, I’ve finished it and you don’t have to read my draft.  Haha..oh well.

For my birthday one year a friend made these really cute apple coasters. They were made with felt and embroidery floss. So when I was looking on pinterest (but when am i not looking on pinterest?) ;)   I saw this project travel bag on Sew, Mama, Sew.

The pattern calls for using pre-quilted material but I didn’t like the ones that were at the store so I made my own. I bought some fabric and polyester batting and, viola, I now had a padded quilted piece!
20140721_090044 - Copy

Once I had that I just used some bias tape on the edges and the bag was completed!
20140721_132519 - Copy

I think I attached the snap button the wrong way but it still turned out fine.  Plus, I love the colors!
20140721_132526 - Copy

Because my friend made me some things with embroidery floss and felt, I included some floss and embroidery hoops so she could make some more pretty things.  Because she does make VERY pretty things!!

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