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hold the phone (and a few cards)

So a coworker at Old Navy and I were talking about bags and such one day and she mentioned that she was looking for a small crossbody that she could carry just her phone and a credit card for when she goes to the market.  I told her that I could make one for her so she didn’t have to go looking for the “right one”.

I started out with making the crossbody strap.
20140627_184726 - Copy

Cut the pieces.  Black is her favorite color.  For the inside, I had asked her if she wanted a blue/green or a pink/orange.  Blue/green won.
20140627_211707 - Copy

The inside pocket for a cc.  I ended up scrapping this one because it would’ve been too small.
20140627_212215 - Copy

So on the second one, The topstitching I did was designed like this.
20140702_093505 - Copy

Here it is before I sewed the bag shut.
20140629_200117 - Copy

Thankfully her phone fit inside.
20140703_113935 - Copy

Here it is on her!
20140703_114037 - Copy

Perfect size and fit!


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