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it’s a RED EYE, singer

The photos in this post are pretty blurry so I apologize in advance if your eyes hurt afterwards.  These are the only photos I have at the moment.

This old school Singer sewing machine was my great aunts.  I don’t know if it belonged to her mom first but I do know that it was hers for a very long time.  It was at her funeral that I learned she was a tailor.  I wish I had known before she passed and I wish that I had taken up sewing way before then.  It wasn’t until three years after she passed that I had started sewing.

In any event, this was her sewing machine and I just had to have it knowing that it was hers.  Here is the table.

As you can see up close it is going to need some cleaning and elbow grease to make it shine again.

A close-up of the iron underneath the table.  It’s pretty dusty and rusty.  gross!
20150929_091207 - Copy

And here is the sewing machine itself.  She’s a Red Eye Singer, built circa 1920’s, with a motor and light bulb that still work, and could have a belt attached if I wanted.

Ahhh..the blurriness!  But here she is after I took her out of my car and examined her.
20150929_091825 - Copy

I’m  debating whether I should just use chalk paint to clean up the wood part or if I should sand and stain.  I’ve not done either before so I would be going into either one a newbie.  And I don’t want to mess it up.

What do you think I should do?


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One thought on “it’s a RED EYE, singer

  1. Priscilla Hai on said:

    What a precious treasure for you to re-finish, Tricia. I know you’ll do a great job and look forward to seeing the finished product! (No wonder your SIL was asking about my grandma’s old machine.)

    Happy New Year to you and Paul! ~ Auntie Priscilla

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