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Coloring Pad Carrying Case aka Pinspiration numero – sesenta y dos

I saw this awesome coloring pad carrying case and thought it would be so fun as a gift for a kid.  But when I clicked on the link from pinterest, I couldn’t find the link.  So I bought a coloring pad and used the measurements of the pad to create my own pattern.
Source: (site no longer working) via Tricia on Pinterest

I had bought these Viking prints for a friend’s kid who loves, well the family loves, Vikings and anything associated with it.  I didn’t know what to make with it but then I saw this case and thought that would be perfect!
20160607_100226 - Copy

Sorry for the blurry photo.  Here is my inside all put together.  On the left side, there is a pocket up top and a color pencils holder on the bottom.  On the right side is where the coloring pad goes.
20160608_173123 - Copy

Here it is all finished.
20160608_212652 - Copy

A close up of the left side.
20160608_213114 - Copy

A close up of the right side.
20160608_213119 - Copy

20160608_213108 - Copy

20160608_213229 - Copy

This project was pretty fun to make.  It hurt my brain to figure out the math, but once I got it done it felt great to know that I made this. It wasn’t my idea, but I created a pattern from the picture and sewed it altogether.


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