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Christmas 2016

I made a few gifts for Christmas 2016.  Here are some of them

This mermaid tail blanket for my niece.  I think I might’ve made it too long but hopefully as she grows she’ll still want to wear it.  I had to do a self draft based on a few photos I had screenshot from around the internet.

This is her the night she opened it up!

For my brothers, I made these key ring chap stick holders.  They really like Natural Ice chap stick.  And for all the moms on my list, I made these first aid kits.  I included chap stick, neosporin, bandaids, advil, candy, alcohol wipes, tissues, and gauze pads.

I got this idea from seeing a bunch of quiet books and latch boards.  I thought about marrying the two and this is what I came up with.  I LOVE this!  I call it a busy mat.

These are I Spy bags.  I might have filled up that truck one a little too much but it still works.  haha!

These are blocks.  I actually learned a lot while making these and even made a few more since.  They’re super cute and the different textures of material offer more than just something to play with.

These were zipper bags I made for my new coworkers.

The left photo shows a stand mixer cover that I based on the one I had purchased for myself before I started sewing.  The right photo is a lunch bag that my brother ordered for my sil for her birthday.  I just was unable to get it to her until Christmas.

I had a great time sewing all these gifts.  I wish I had gotten to sew more in 2017 but I didn’t.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to make more of them in 2018.

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