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A New Kitchen Faucet

In March 2014 (wow!  almost four years!!) after our second miscarriage we took a trip to Home Depot and decided it was time to update our kitchen faucet.  I know, a weird thing to do, but it was sort of like we just needed to do something.  So a new kitchen faucet it is.

Also, this is in our house in Ohio.

We had inherited this standard builder grade model.

With these awesome nasty connecting tubes.

And this wonderful hot mess.

I needed some help so Paul came to the rescue!

We had a hard time getting the faucet loose so we ended up cutting the pipes.  That looks so gross!

This was the connector at the bottom.  Blech!

Just after we pulled the faucet up.  Pretty gross!

Here she is all completely installed!

It was fairly easy to install.  I had installed three other faucets, bathroom faucets, prior so I’d had some experience. Also, other people who gave me advice about changing out the kitchen faucet made it seem like it was going to be the hardest thing to do.  But it wasn’t.  I’m so glad we updated our faucet and can’t wait to get back to it!

pretty up the cork aka Pinspiration numero – cincuenta y cinco

I had seen this make over of a cork board on pinterest and decided that I needed to do that with my cork board.  You can find the tutorial at two twenty one.

I had found this super cute print that was vertical but I couldn’t decide if I wanted my board to have to sit vertical or horizontal.  And with that print once I put it on I’d be stuck with that one option.

I asked on Instagram and most people, all three of them, said horizontal.  I probably wouldn’t done it horizontal in the end but I can’t be sure.

If I did it vertical you wouldn’t see as much of the print.  This one is the vertical one.

So I waited and waited and waited and waited until I found some prints that I absolutely loved and wasn’t a one-way only print.  I got to work.

I laid out some plastic that I had on hand from painting.  Then I used some spray adhesive, which is what the plastic is for.  I don’t what that stuff on my rug!!

20140516_164839 - Copy

Then I laid the fabric down and smoothed it out and flipped it over.
20140516_165906 - Copy

And scrunched up the corners like so.
20140516_171424 - Copy

I took some thumbtacks and pushed them in allclosetogether.
20140516_172858 - Copy

It’s not very straight at all but it adds some character.  Hahaha!
20140516_200636 - Copy

Now all I have to do is add the sawtooth hanger things to the back so that I can hang this on the wall.  Currently it’s leaning against the wall collecting dust.  Oops. I’m going to have to get on that!

leaky {outside} faucet

when paul and i bought our house in 2011 we just went about our days using our outdoor faucet like anyone would. however, we noticed that it was leaking. a. lot. but he was gone last year and i didn’t take much care.

so this year, since we’ve been using it a WHOLE lot more, we thought we’d better do something about it.

good thing we did. because this is what we had to replace. and no more leaking!

the one on the left is what we replaced and the one on the right is what we replaced it with.


ummm. yea. it definitely was time for some replacing. it’s a no wonder why our water was leaking.

edited with instagram

the bike up there

paul bought this bike rack for my bike back in january.  i liked it so much so that when he bought his bike we got the same rack to hold his bike.

it goes up pretty simple like this.

this is where i decided to put his bike.

i brought my stereo system out to listen to some music while i worked.

i got my handy dandy laser level, which did not work very well.  maybe it’ll work better on a wall inside the house.

the stages in which i put the bike rack up.

love using my drills!!

here it is all done!!

our bikes.  next to each other.  i love putting things together.


life rearranged

Linking up with Life Rearranged to give you a glimpse of my week, in cell phone photos.

we have lots of weeds so we wanted to put down some weed and feed.  but one of the requirements is that we have to put it down when there is no rain in the forecast.  unfortunately all last week there was rain in the forecast, however, it didn’t rain AT.ALL.  so i finally got to mow the lawn and the next day i put down the weed and feed.

on saturday paul and i went to home depot to get some supplies for a project, which will be on the blog soon-ish.

we were outside for most of saturday and half of sunday and i got nine bites.  go me!

sunday evening paul and i went outside around 9:00 pm to star gaze.  since it was still too light out we just did some bird watching.  i sat out there for about seven minutes and i got three more bites.  yes, i am the winner.

we went back out at 9:30 pm but as soon as we placed the telescope down, we felt some rain drops and saw the clouds rolling in.  so we tried to gaze at the one star, that we could still see, from inside.  but the clouds were too fast for us and we gave up.

the next night we tried again.  this time all we could see was venus.  it was super humid and i was getting eaten alive so i gave in and went back inside.  *side note: i saw a whole bunch of fireflies.  it was freaking awesome!  i wanted to catch them and watch them glow but i didn’t.  maybe next week i’ll do it.

i planted these beautiful flowers that we got from lowes.  they’re called summer blues larkspur.  they’ll grow to about 15″-18″ tall and about 12″ wide.  i’m so excited for them to grow, grow, grow!

wednesday night i did a sleep study since paul thinks i have sleep apnea.  it was weird sleeping with all these wires hooked up to me.  i even had a wire thing that went up my nose and a wire thing that went on my finger.  after it was over, the guy took off all the wires and i was left with a whole bunch of “glue” on my head that they used to keep the wires in place.  it was not a pretty sight.  blech!  it was a neat experience but one that i hope i won’t have to do again.  i’ll follow up with the doc sometime mid august.  if i remember i’ll keep you updated.

a not as bitter and very sweet blood donation today.  3:52.  i’m slacking!  haha. just kidding.  but i’m still donating pretty quickly so i’m happy for that.  this marks no. 6 out of 8.  only 2 more til i hit a gallon!  yay!!!  maybe i’ll get to do that this year!!!

lookey lookey what we got in the mail!!!  yes, please!  i’ll visit chipotle any day!!

edited with instagram, photogrid and pixlr express

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