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Pinspiration – numero cincuenta y tres

5 minute creamy key lime pie.
source: via Tricia on Pinterest

more like five minutes + 4 hours of refrigeration.  I almost didn’t have this ready in time because once again i’m horrible at reading recipes all the way through before starting on it.  luckily i read this one at the time of day where i still had enough time to get it done before we left for our dinner party.

the pie was super easy to make and super easy to devour.  haha.

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Pinspiration – numero cincuenta y dos

a few hours after i pinned this roasted tomato and goat cheese quiche my friend commented on it saying that when i make this she’ll have to be there to try it.  and that’s exactly what happened.  i made it and she ate it.
source: via Tricia on Pinterest

a problem i always have is not reading the recipe fully and completely before starting to make things.  i didn’t realize that i had to actually roast the tomatoes for about 45 minutes before putting the quiche together and so they didn’t taste quite like they should have. But it was still good.

I’ve made it once more this time roasting the tomatoes and everything as the recipe calls for and it didn’t really taste any different.  So it’s up to you.  haha.  If I do make it again I think I’ll add a bit more chives.  I’ve found that I really like the flavor of chives so adding more will only make it better.  haha.

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columbus zoo & aquarium last time

*around the fourth of july, my friend-k and i went to the columbus zoo & aquarium. you can read about the beginning of our adventures here and the middle part here.

and the adventure contines!!

here we have a white-naped crane.  these cranes are an endangered species because the wetlands (where they build their nests) are being drained and converted to croplands.  {believe it or not!!! – the de-militarized zone between north and south korea is a winter sanctuary for these cranes.}*

these are called the reeves muntjac.  aka “barking deer”.  they are called the barking deer because they emit a deep, bark-like sound when alarmed which could continue for an hour.  their habitat is threatened with deforestation for logging and agriculture uses but they are still considered common.

after looking at the barking deer and cranes, we stumbled into tiger territory.

it was pretty neat to see this exhibit as they had statues of nine different tigers showing their livelihood.  it’s so sad to see that three kinds of tigers are already extinct, three are endangered (i missed one), and three are doing okay.

this is the large flying fox.  or pteropus vampyrus.  it is one of the largest bats in the world and has a wingspan of over 6 feet.  they live in groups of over 100 individuals.  while we were viewing them, one opened its wings – so big!!! – and one peed.  it was pretty neat seeing the wide wing span and pretty gross seeing the pee.

as we moved on we saw this silvered langur just chillin’, watchin’ all the people walk by.  he looked so comfortable.

these are asian elephants.  they are an endangered species.  the columbus zoo is hoping that the one male elephant, hank (right), will mate with either one of the female elephants, connie (top left), or phoebe (bottom left).

this is the red panda. or the back of a red panda. they are so cute!

here are some pheasants. they are so. freaking. pretty.

the markhors were hiding from us.  but if i were them i would too.  it was too hot!!!

an amur tiger who is, of course, endangered.  =(

just a few random pictures of baby-j.  he’s just too darn cute!!

i didn’t think about taking a picture until we were ready to leave…so this is the best we got.  can you believe we walked the entire place?  cah-razy!

before driving home we stopped at panera to get some dinner.  plus little baby-j was so hungry he was crying and crying.  but you can’t really tell in these pictures that he was crying and crying just 5 minutes prior.  what a cutie!

thanks for reading about our adventures to the columbus zoo and aquarium.  we had a fun time even though it was quite warm and sunny.  and we were sweating like boys.  blech!!

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columbus zoo & aquarium again

*around the fourth of july, my friend-k and i went to the columbus zoo & aquarium. you can read about the beginning of our adventures here.

rafiki! aka a mandrill.

not sure if you can tell but this orangutan looked so sad. i felt so bad being there. seeing him like that. it kind of almost made me swear off zoos.

and then we saw this orangutan. and i just about died.

so we moved on…onto this cute otter. it’s called an asian small-clawed otter. it’s pretty cute and made some cute noises.

next we saw this komodo dragon laying in the grass.  did you know that they are cold blooded and can’t regulate their body temperatures?  according to the sign at the zoo they are and so on sunny days over 60 degrees they’ll be outdoors and on cooler days they’ll be indoors.

this guy was pretty fun to watch.  he’s a white-handed gibbon.

and he’s a siamang gibbon. i got this great action shot while he was jumping from one rope to the next.

these guys are west african crowned cranes.

it’s a hard life being a kangaroo!!

did you know??*
1.  the smallest kangaroo is the musky “rat” kangaroo at 9 in, 1 lb 1 oz
2. at any one time a red or grey roo doe can have an embryo waiting dormant in her womb, a joey growing in her pouch and a third joey at foot and still suckling
3. kangaroos are excellent swimmers
4. drought is the worst enemy of the kangaroo
5. kangaroos can reach a speed of 25 mph
6. the dingo is the predator of the kangaroo

look at that super cute koala!!!

and just a few more.  just because.

after drooling over the koalas we ventured into manatee land.

the zoo and aquarium house three manatees.  they are (from top to bottom) stubby, wheezy, and pixie.

stubby facts*: he was rescued in 1995 and lived at sea world (orlando) until 2005, his scars are from an pre-existing medical condition, and a portion of his tail is missing as a result of a boat strike.

wheezy facts*: he was rescued on 15 january 2011 (mah birthday!!!), he was found in the desoto canal in satellite beach, florida, and he was suffering from the effects of cold stress.

pixie facts*: she was rescued on 24 july 2010, at the time was estimated to be only a few weeks old, she was found alone in shallow water near daytona, florida, and she was the smallest manatee (42 lbs) to arrive at columbus zoo.

and one with all three of them in the picture.  (plus a random fish)

after viewing the mantees, we walked into the “aquarium” portion and took a little break. plus friend-k had to feed baby-j.

and that’s where we’ll stop for today.

*the following facts are provided by the columbus zoo and aquarium
edited with instagram, photogrid, and pixlr express

columbus zoo and aquarium

at the end of june i had posted about the drive out to washington, d.c. and passing through pittsburgh.  the pittsburgh mommy had read it and commented on my post which in turn prompted me to read her blog.  she had posted about her visit to columbus with her family.  there were a few attractions that sounded interesting but the one that jumped out at me was the zoo and aquarium.  i clicked on the link and looked around their site.  i saw at the bottom of the home page that they were offering free admission to all military members the following week (4th of july week).  so i asked my friend-k if she wanted to join me.  and she said, “YES!”  haha!!

so we decided on a day and, of course, started our day late.  i was late.  she was late.  it took a little while getting baby-j’s carseat moved into my car. but we got there.  in one piece.

and we started off with some turtles.

saw some reptiles.

a series of baby black and white colobus.  isn’t that baby so cute!?!!

and a close-up.

we walked into this bird sanctuary and i saw these two birds sitting on the branch.  then all of a sudden…bam!  and that bigger bird attacked the little bird!!  what the!?!?!!?!??  it was weird and funny all at the same time.

these pretty birds were kissing.  so cute!  and i love that red on their tails!  it’s kind of a coral-y/redish color.  so pretty!!  this picture just doesn’t do it justice!

on the walk to the next exhibit i took this series of photos of baby-j.  he’s just so cute!

the next exhibit was the gorilla exhibit.  there was this huge gorilla statue so we took a picture.  here’s friend-k and baby-j.

and me with baby-j.

there were signs like this around the exhibit.  i thought it was pretty funny.

there was a baby gorilla!!!  only 41 days old at the time!

friend-k and baby-j with a gorilla in the background.  fun!

these chimps were cleaning each other.

there was all this mist as we walked to the next exhibit and friend-k said, “what is this?  jungles of the mist?”  it was funny.  maybe you had to be there.

i think these are warthogs.  they were sleepy.

pretty flowers!

and this leopard!

this is a okapi. its tongue is long enough to reach its ears!!!! it looks like a cross between a zebra and a horse!!!

this is part one of two (maybe three) because there are soooo many pictures. so more are on their way!

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