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The Original Handmade Snuggie aka Pinspiration numero – setenta

I had pinned this a loooong time ago.  I had wanted to make something for Paul but there aren’t many Men patterns.  I used this as a jumping point to make my first snuggie.  For Paul.
Source: All Free Sewing via Tricia on Pinterest

I followed the steps listed out in the tutorial.  The first was to set the sleeves shape.

Then I cut sleeves.  I made them long so that they would keep him warm.

A blurry photo that shows how I choose the sleeve length.

Hood time!

In the tutorial it says to curve the bottom.

Starting the sewing!

A photo with him wearing it! (In our Ohio home!)

A photo of all three snuggies!!



Shortly after I signed up for the #boxybagswap, I signed up for the #swapaonehourbasket.  The most hilarious thing is that I found out about the swap a one hour basket by stalking my boxy bag swap partner.  She hosted the swap a one hour basket.

This is the one hour basket I made for my partner.

This is the interior.

A close up of the patchwork.

Love these handles!

This is what I received from my partner.  I LOVE it!  I just love Art Gallery Fabric’s Avant Garde line.  The colors are so beautiful!  She even made me a small zipper pouch and got me several Harry Potter swag.

The pattern is Kelby SewsOne Hour Basket.  The swap was hosted by Michaela McBrown.


Three Dandelions Shop hosted their first swap in September 2016.  This was the first swap I signed up for.  We made Kelby Sews’ Boxy Bag.

This is my sneak peak photo.

My partner is a San Diego Chargers fan, love all things Star Wars, and had all the heart eyes emoji for the Rifle Paper Co’s first fabric line.

A close up of the Rifle Paper Co one.  I just love that selvage tab!

I nested the three bags for this shot.

This is the one I got from the person who had me.  The colors are so pretty.

And check out those cute zipper pulls.

She also included this cute Noodlehead pin cushion.

This water bottle

A few other small items.

And this cute sewing sticker.  Which now sits on my grey heavy duty singer sewing machine.

I had a great time with my first swap that I signed up for three more within two weeks of signing up for this one.  I’ve since completed eight more swaps.  They are addicting!!

Stroller Holder aka Pinspiration numero – sesenta y tres

My BIL’s-M girlfriend just had their second child.  Well, he was born in October 2016, but still, he’s under a year.  Anyways, I saw this stroller cell phone carrier and thought it might come in handy for her.
Source: Made To Be A Momma via Tricia on Pinterest

Since the pieces were pretty small, I looked through my stash and found this cute pink, her favorite color, print with hearts on it.  I also had these grommets on hand.
20160611_162746 - Copy

It was a pretty easy and fast sew, and came together within minutes.

Here is the front side.
20160611_174912 - Copy

And the back side.  I thought the single heart was super cute.
20160611_174922 - Copy

Thankfully she said that it’ll come in handy since the stroller doesn’t have a cell phone holder.

Most definitely will have to make more as gifts!

Coloring Pad Carrying Case aka Pinspiration numero – sesenta y dos

I saw this awesome coloring pad carrying case and thought it would be so fun as a gift for a kid.  But when I clicked on the link from pinterest, I couldn’t find the link.  So I bought a coloring pad and used the measurements of the pad to create my own pattern.
Source: (site no longer working) via Tricia on Pinterest

I had bought these Viking prints for a friend’s kid who loves, well the family loves, Vikings and anything associated with it.  I didn’t know what to make with it but then I saw this case and thought that would be perfect!
20160607_100226 - Copy

Sorry for the blurry photo.  Here is my inside all put together.  On the left side, there is a pocket up top and a color pencils holder on the bottom.  On the right side is where the coloring pad goes.
20160608_173123 - Copy

Here it is all finished.
20160608_212652 - Copy

A close up of the left side.
20160608_213114 - Copy

A close up of the right side.
20160608_213119 - Copy

20160608_213108 - Copy

20160608_213229 - Copy

This project was pretty fun to make.  It hurt my brain to figure out the math, but once I got it done it felt great to know that I made this. It wasn’t my idea, but I created a pattern from the picture and sewed it altogether.

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