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Ladies Ayda and Molly Top + Dress Tester

Last year I got the chance to test a few secret patterns for Sew Caroline; she was collaborating with a fellow pattern maker.

Katie Skoog of Simple Life Patterns and Sew Caroline Sewing Patterns have collaborated to bring you Mommy and Me patterns! She has taken a few of Sew Caroline patterns and downsized them to fit your kiddos and we have upsized a few of hers to fit ladies!

This is the Ladies Ayda Top + Dress.

This is the Ladies Molly Top + Dress.

Making these woven tops has me wanting more.  I wasn’t too sure if I’d like the collar on the Molly but it turns out that I really like it.  The button placket in the back was also really fun to make.  It was my first ever!

Christmas 2016

I made a few gifts for Christmas 2016.  Here are some of them

This mermaid tail blanket for my niece.  I think I might’ve made it too long but hopefully as she grows she’ll still want to wear it.  I had to do a self draft based on a few photos I had screenshot from around the internet.

This is her the night she opened it up!

For my brothers, I made these key ring chap stick holders.  They really like Natural Ice chap stick.  And for all the moms on my list, I made these first aid kits.  I included chap stick, neosporin, bandaids, advil, candy, alcohol wipes, tissues, and gauze pads.

I got this idea from seeing a bunch of quiet books and latch boards.  I thought about marrying the two and this is what I came up with.  I LOVE this!  I call it a busy mat.

These are I Spy bags.  I might have filled up that truck one a little too much but it still works.  haha!

These are blocks.  I actually learned a lot while making these and even made a few more since.  They’re super cute and the different textures of material offer more than just something to play with.

These were zipper bags I made for my new coworkers.

The left photo shows a stand mixer cover that I based on the one I had purchased for myself before I started sewing.  The right photo is a lunch bag that my brother ordered for my sil for her birthday.  I just was unable to get it to her until Christmas.

I had a great time sewing all these gifts.  I wish I had gotten to sew more in 2017 but I didn’t.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to make more of them in 2018.


This was another swap I participated in sometime in 2016.  The swap was to use Jeni Baker’s Lined Drawstring Bag tutorial.  My partner said she loved motorcycles and Tula Pink prints.  So I found some super cute prints and got to work.  I felt like making just two wouldn’t be even enough so I made three.

This is the one that I received.  She went out of her way to include a bunch of different prints and made it two sided!  I love the colors!!

These are also some other items she included in my package.

It was super fun shopping for fabric and making a new bag.  I learned a few techniques that have helped me in my projects since.


This mini quilt was something that I was equally excited and dreading to make.  I’d never made something using triangles before but it was something that my swap partner had liked.  So I went for it!

I found this free pattern from Hoffman Fabrics.  I really liked the way it looked; with the tree shape and everything.  This was meant to be a large size quilt but since I was making a mini quilt I decided to do just three sets.

This was my final product.  I really liked it and hope to make one for myself one day.

My partner stated that she like anything Cotton & Steel so I got the newest Christmas line with a few prints from the previous years.  I matched up a color pencil with a fabric so that I could color code it when I made my paper template.

Once I got that done I started cutting my triangles using this awesome Hex’n’More cutting ruler.

Placement starting!!

Got them altogether!  I took a few pictures so that I could make sure that I was sewing them in the correct order.

I started on my first row.  I sewed these first six and it looked wrong to me so I asked on Instagram for some advice.  Thank goodness someone answered me and helped me!  I ended up using this tutorial which basically saved my life!

Once I learned how it’s actually supposed to be done I got ‘er done!

Got my top done!

A few close ups!

Well, here are the other

And another picture of the finished product!!

This is the mini quilt my swap partner sent me.  It’s gorgeous and it hangs on my wall.  And those HP ornaments hang on my tree!!

This swap definitely stretched my sewing abilities and I’m so glad that I took part in it.

The Original Handmade Snuggie aka Pinspiration numero – setenta

I had pinned this a loooong time ago.  I had wanted to make something for Paul but there aren’t many Men patterns.  I used this as a jumping point to make my first snuggie.  For Paul.
Source: All Free Sewing via Tricia on Pinterest

I followed the steps listed out in the tutorial.  The first was to set the sleeves shape.

Then I cut sleeves.  I made them long so that they would keep him warm.

A blurry photo that shows how I choose the sleeve length.

Hood time!

In the tutorial it says to curve the bottom.

Starting the sewing!

A photo with him wearing it! (In our Ohio home!)

A photo of all three snuggies!!

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